Gamma Control


Some keyboard shortcuts to control your computer's gamma


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Gamma Control is a tool that allows you to control the colour range on your computer with some simple shortcuts, so you can change it to your liking in just a couple of seconds.

This is especially useful when you regularly switch between different tasks on your PC. For example, it would be especially useful if you had to go from typing on a white background (as per normal) to playing a game that is fairly dark, such as Dead Space.

'CTRL ALT ' to increase and 'CTRL ALT -' to decrease, with these two simple shortcuts you can control the gamma range on your computer perfectly. Of course, you can also select a key to act as default so you can return to the normal settings quickly.

Gamma Control is a very useful application for anyone using their computer for distinct purposes. You can avoid hurting your eyes and save a lot of time changing the gamma range manually on the screen itself.
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